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The Story Behind The Work

The inspiration has come from many people and places.

The overriding desire to make a bespoke piece of Art, which not only excites me but others. To create a hand drawn and hand crafted art piece, which my clients will treasure for along time. Something which depicts aspects of local life in and around the coastal areas of Sussex. Especially the beach at Old Town Hastings and the beautiful fishing fleet.

large boats 32.jpg

The Process

Making the pallet pieces is an involved process requiring a lot of time waiting for layers to dry. It is also exciting as I never really know how the colours from the photographic prints will respond to the treatment I give them.

I love seeing the contrast between the experimental colour combinations of the background and the intricate line drawings.

This new venture has come with so many benefits. Meeting fellow artists and customers whilst sharing stories.

It has also given me the excuse to buy some woodworking tools and to move across the mediums. To also go part way to be a little more environmentally friendly by using a material which would otherwise be thrown away. A pallet.

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